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Space rated and laboratory hardware and software ready for your satellite mission.

Cubesat Format Satellite Systems

VHF-UHF Transceiver

The (transmitter UHF/receptor VHF) Sequoia Space transceiver, permits the operation in the radio amateur bands (depending on the assigned ones) with a 1200bps and 9600 transmission speed, modulation FSK, 1200Hz/2200Hz (Bell-202), protocol AX.25 fully compatible with the CSK bus and the ability of being replicated in other formats. The system is designed to accomplish with all minimum necessary requests for 1U and 3U CubeSat missions, allowing the mission to transmit data (telemetry) and at the same time receive data (commands) fulfilling all the features and standards the hardware should comply  during the flight segment in space


VHF-UHF Deployable Antennas

Sequoia Space VHF-UHF antenna system is a system designed for satellites with Cubesat standard. It is designed to operate mainly in the band of radio amateurs although it can be manufactured according to specific requirements of the client.
Includes a highly reliable redundant deployment system with sensor deployment confirmation.


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