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Since 2007 Sequoia Space has become a reference in aerospace development in Latin America, promoting disruptive technologies in the development of satellites and applications tested succesfully in space.

We have come a long way, and  we have built science, technology, and entrepreneurship with the purpose of democratizing access to space as a determining factor in the socio-economic development of the planet.

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About Us


Sequoia Space was established in October 2007. Our roots are born from the experience in the satellite mission "Libertad 1" of the Sergio Arboleda University (the first Colombian satellite placed in orbit). Since then, we have had successful experiences in projects in Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

We offer satellite missions that include design, planning, accompaniment, manufacturing of components, implementation of ground stations and technology transfer.



Our observation satellites and our data processing brain has been designed to be a perfect solution for supplying high valuable information in different fields such as agriculture, infrastructure and environmental conservation among others.

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After successful Nukak and Sycomore satellite generations we have developed Nanu-K. A new generation of highly relailable and high-performance earth observation satellite in the Cubesat Standard. We have 2U, 3U and 6U formats available.

NANU-K Eath Observation Satellites

NANU-K satellites are composed of a combination of COTS (commercial off the shelf) systems, with hardware and software designed specifically for it´s mission.
They are designed to operate in low Earth orbit (LEO), for at least 5 years. There are variations in the NANU-K depending on the scope of the image capture system and the orbit in which they will operate.



Getting Started Tools.(GST)

¡United we stand, divided we fall ! We are convinced that the more the community of space developers grows, the more opportunities there will be for everyone. 

For this reason, we take very seriously the transfer of knowledge to our customers and we have developed a set of hardware, software and training tools with our partners that provide everything needed to start a satellite mission, which we call Getting Started Tools (GST). The canvas is ready for you to start painting.

Technology Transfer


Bogotá, Colombia

+57 3052854605 / 3014431415

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